The History of Agriculture in Australia

Learning outcomes

By completing this unit of work you will be better able to:
  • recognise Aboriginal agricultural practices as conservative for the environment
  • analyse the stages of development in Australian agriculture
  • understand the farming practices that have made agriculture unique in Australia

The Aborigines had very little impact on the land, as they only ate plants and animals when necessary. Their land management practices were excellent and had operated for more than 40,000 years without damaging the environment.

When the Europeans arrived, 200 years ago, they brought with them the agricultural practices of Europe. Nature was to teach the early settlers some very stern lessons because these practices did not suit the Australian environment.


At the Task Centre choose 6 activities to complete.

Once you have completed the 6 tasks, be prepared to give a 3 minute presentation to your class on what you have found to be the most interesting aspects of the history of Australian agriculture.